What’s HOSS™ :

  • a complete solution for creating, organising and publishing semantic data
  • stores and manages data in a schema less data store, allowing complete flexibility of the shape of the data stored
  • removes the complexity of managing and publishing semantic data by providing a set of RESTful services, integrated security, a complete publishing model and enterprise features such as persistent caching and reliable message queue for notifications.

What HOSS™ resolves:

  • According to numerous research reports, organizations are struggling to manage and leverage unstructured information
  • For example: documents, metadata, content, user-generated content, RSS feeds, email, geospatial data, and XML among others
  • Unstructured information has one or more of the following characteristics:
    • Heterogeneous (different formats, varying standards, irregular lengths, etc.)
    • Constantly evolving in ways that may be unanticipated
    • Growing exponentially

What HOSS™ provides:

  • A simple, consistent web API for storing, managing and retrieving data
  • Flexible, schema-free metadata that allows applications to be easily evolved
  • A range of data access and query options enabling easy integration into both new and existing applications
  • A simple way to attach multimedia binaries
  • Platform As A Service or On Premise options for best requirements agree

Solutions with HOSS™ :

  • Common Repository
  • Metadata Catalog
  • Geo-spatial storing and localization
  • Digital Content Delivery
  • Information Intelligence
  • Social Applications